IT Skills

IT skills

Listed below are a few ways to learn new IT skills. CompTIA certifications validate in-demand skills. YouTube is an excellent place to learn new skills. You can also try guided projects offered by Coursera, or get some free work experience by volunteering. These are just a few ideas to get you started on your way to a new career in IT. Ultimately, there is no single best way to learn new IT skills.

CompTIA certifications validate in-demand skills

There are a number of CompTIA certifications that validate in-demand IT skills. From the A+ certification to the CompTIA CTT+ to the cloud essentials certification, a successful certification from one of the IT industry’s leading credential providers can be an asset to your career. The A+ exam is an excellent way to prove your technical expertise and get your foot in the door. The A+ certification maps your skills to job roles and can open the door to many career opportunities.

The CompTIA Network+ certifies essential networking skills, including data center networking. It is widely accepted as a requirement for a job in the networking field and enables you to work on any platform. CompTIA Network+ is scheduled to launch in March, and will include updates on the latest networking technologies such as cloud computing, virtualization, and disaster recovery. This credential was originally designed for network field technicians, administrators, and engineers.

YouTube is a great place to learn IT skills

There are many advantages to using YouTube for learning IT skills. The sheer volume of videos is phenomenal. One billion videos are uploaded every single minute and YouTube generates over 1 billion video views per day. It has become such a popular platform for education that it could soon replace a number of skill classes. In fact, one in four YouTube users has learned a new skill as a result of using it. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, YouTube has something for everyone.

The vast majority of the content on YouTube is free and easy to access. However, many specialized courses require a paid subscription to an e-learning platform. However, if you’re serious about learning IT skills, YouTube is an excellent place to start. The content is generally free and accessible, so why not take advantage of this? The good news is that it can help you learn new skills on the job!

Coursera’s guided projects

Coursera has launched a new feature called Guided Projects. These projects allow learners to acquire job-oriented skills in just two hours, based on real-world projects. Guided projects are facilitated by subject matter experts who will guide students through the process, rather than providing pre-written information. These courses are a great way to upskill employees or learn new skills. Coursera’s guided projects are available for purchase online.

Students can use these guided projects to consolidate their knowledge, or to practice specific skills. For example, if they’ve studied Python and are looking for a project to demonstrate their knowledge, they can check out Coursera’s first project and see if they can complete it in the allotted time. Guided projects can also be useful for building a resume. It’s often argued that education is more relevant than experience, but this is not always the case.


If you’re looking to improve your IT skills, volunteering is a great way to do so. Many volunteer opportunities require volunteers to make important decisions that help a project get off the ground. This type of experience can help you to distinguish yourself from the crowd while developing your leadership and problem-solving skills. This article will discuss the benefits of volunteering for IT projects. Read on to learn more. Volunteering IT skills can be an excellent way to make your career more marketable.

In addition to building your resume, skills-based volunteering can also benefit your employer. Many companies support volunteerism by encouraging employees to use their IT skills to help nonprofits or other community groups. Interested employees can start by contacting their human resources department or manager to inquire about opportunities. Todd Micholic, an IT career management advisor at American Family Insurance, shares his experiences with skills-based volunteering and shows how leveraging his IT skills can benefit his company and the community.


In addition to your IT skills, freelancers must also have good communication skills. You should have the ability to speak in a simple language and learn new languages. Freelance work may also require you to have a good time management skill, as you will have many projects to complete within a single day. Project management will help you complete projects faster and produce more quality work. In addition, you should learn how to prioritize your tasks and be proactive.

The demand for freelancers with IT skills is growing. Upwork, an online marketplace for freelance jobs, has compiled a list of the top twenty skills in demand. IT skills are on seven of the top twenty. These skills are expected to continue growing in demand for the next few years. If you are an IT professional, you should consider freelancing IT skills to earn a living online. If you have any skills in these fields, you can list them on Upwork to find freelance opportunities.